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The Coaching Model

Coaching is a distinct field of inquiry that serves as a foundation for all professional development. The work of QIT coaches is primarily on of facilitation and collaboration. Although successful teachers and leaders themselves, coaches do not necessarily act as “experts”, but rather as collaborative problem solvers and facilitators of change. QIT coaches function as “servant-leaders”, collaborating with teachers and administrators to bring about systemic change. Coaches do
not serve in an evaluative capacity regarding teacher performance.

Quality Impact Team coaches are hired, trained, monitored and supported by the Center for Essential School Reform. The Center works directly with liasons from the Ohio Department of Education.

In time, coaches become partial members of the school staff while also preserving the status of “outsider” which allows them to maintain objectivity, apply subtle pressure for improvement, model and foster best practice and provide or broker additional resources including professional literature, reflective protocols and training to support the work.

As transformational coaches, the goal is to co-create a relational process to help schools realize and sustain their highest vision: continual improved achievement for all students. With student achievement as the clear focus for all work, coaches must exhibit the disposition for the work and the knowledge and skill in classroom practice, standards-based curriculum and assessment, organizational systems, group processes, leadership and systems evaluation.


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