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Colaborating for Student Success

    The Ohio Center for Essential School Reform believes that a reflective and collaborative culture creates an environment conducive to improved results for students. Collaborating for Student Success (formerly Critical Friends Groups) are groups of five to ten educators committed to working toward better performances of the students in their classroom.
Collaborating for Student Success Teams set high expectations for their own personal and professional performances based upon focused inquiry, reflective practices, open dialogue , shared norms and values, and a collective focus on student achievement.

A CSS Team is a group of five to seven educators focused on those practices which directly impact student achievement. Specifically, Collaborating for Student Success will provide the educator with:

  • Professional development whose goals and focus are directly related to the students that they have in the classroom.

  • Personal development that enables educators to see the relationship between what they are learning and their day-to-day activities and problems.

  • A forum where learning and implementing new or different practices promote a more positive view of their ability to achieve.

  • A forum for structured feedback on professional growth process.

  • The opportunity to share, reflect, and collaborate with others who bring a wider range of experience, knowledge, and interests.

Collaborating for Student Success Training

The Ohio Center for Essential School Reform will provide training for pairs of educators interested in facilitating a Collaborating for Student Success (CSS) Team within their own building. The training consists of a five-day training delivered in two phases. CSS Training:

  • Enables the expansion of the capacity of teachers to examine student achievement data and student work to make critical sense of it,
  • Encourages the growth of teachers as individuals as they collaborate on issues important to their work, and
  • Provides a mechanism for dramatic, continuous, and incremental improvement.

“I have learned that getting familiar and comfortable with my teammates (even during activities) was a key to having productive results.”

-June 2002 Training
Powell, Ohio

“I came away with a good understanding of the CSS approach to learning. The effective tools to be used for CSS can be adapted for other uses as well. We came to a good understanding of the need for group collaboration to promote change and reform.”

-August 2002 Training
Lima, Ohio



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