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Plans for the new Metro High School were announced Wednesday, January 18.

Go to the new Metro School Website to learn more about the school.
Metro High School in the News

Zanesville native to head innovative Columbus school
(Cleveland Plain Dealer)

A Bright Idea (Columbus Dispatch)

The Coalition of Essential Schools is a nationally recognized school reform movement with almost two decades of experience in providing leadership for school reform. In Ohio, the Coalition of Essential Schools has a growing presence and voice. In 1997, Ohio had six member schools. Currently, 14 Ohio schools are fully affirmed member schools; 17 additional schools are in some phase of the membership process, and many more are using the Coalition philosophy and its Ten Common Principles as a framework for their work. As the number of schools interested in Coalition grew dramatically nationwide, the National Center re-organized into a national office located in Oakland, California and 2 regional centers. In 1997, the Ohio Department of Education pledged funds to found the OCES Center.

Today, like many Centers, the Ohio Center is no longer receiving that system of state funding; instead, also like many other Centers around the country, the OCES Center is largely a fees-for-services organization. To accommodate the needs of our affiliate and member schools, as well as to respond to the request for services from other interested schools, the Center relies on its staff members and a cadre of talented people who comprise our Ohio CES Faculty.

A most significant change in the Center’s evolution occurred in the autumn of 2001 when, due to its growth and diversified yet related initiatives, the Center changed its name to The Ohio Center for Essential School Reform. Under this “umbrella,” the Center still retains the Ohio Coalition of Essential Schools with its services to member and affiliate schools and continues to be governed by its own Board of Trustees.

Additionally, however, new contracts have led to the following new initiatives:Literacy Curriculum Alignment Project which works with elementary teachers and principals to align curriculum, assessment, and instruction to Ohio’s achievement tests and Quality Impact Teams where teams of teacher-leaders work intensively in individual schools whose districts are in Academic Emergency.


More recently, the Ohio Center for Essential School Reform has entered an exciting partnership with the Ohio State University, Battelle, and the Educational Council to open a small and intellectually vibrant learning community open to students in Franklin County. Metro High School is designed to serve students who want a personalized and extraordinary learning experience that prepares them for a connected world where math, science and technology are vitally important. All Metro students engage in a personally relevant and academically rigorous curriculum within a safe and trusting environment. For more information, go to


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